Global variables review
X - extensions properties
X.CXX - c++ source extension
X.OXX - c++ object extension

U - utily properties
U.EH - echo call
U.RM - remove call
U.CP - copy call
U.MD - mkdir call
U.RD - rmdir call

C - compiler properties
C.XX - compiler call ($(1)-input source, $(2)-output object, $(3)-options)
C.I - include path call ($(1)-include paths)
C.I.path - global include paths
C.FLAGS - global compiler options
C.FLAGS.DEBUG - debug compiler options
C.FLAGS.RELEASE - release compiler options

L - linker options
L.XX - linker call ($(1)-input objects, $(1)-output file, $(3)-options)
L.L - link path call ($(1)-link paths)
L.l - link library call ($(1)-libraries)
L.L.path - global link paths
L.l.libs - global libs
L.OPTS - global linker options

For more common options (e.g. compiler path and other) please refer to config.<your_platform-compiler>.local file. This file is pretty self explanatory.

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