Building with Microsoft Compiler

Minimum requirements

The following tools are required :

  • Microsoft C/C++ Compiler v 14.00.50727.42 or newer (from Microsoft Visual Studio 8. Please reply about MSVS 7 compliance)
  • GNU make utility ( see chapter GNU make installation instructions )
In addition you have to download and build lua.

GNU make installation instructions

GNU make is a very powerful utility for automating project building routines. You can download windows version at mingw download page.

We'll suggest that you are installing make to the C:\GNUtools directory. After installation you have to rename the make binary from something like mingw32-make.exe to make.exe (just for your convenience), then set your PATH environment variable to correspond to your GNU make installation directory. For our directory (C:\GNUtools) you can do it like this :

  • run shell : start - run - type in 'cmd' (without quotes)
  • type in 'set PATH=C:\GNUtools;%PATH%' (without quotes)

Now type make in your shell. You will receive a message like this one bellow

make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

If you can see this message, then your GNU make is installed correctly. Otherwise make sure that you provided correct PATH to your make executable

Building toluaxx

We suggest that you have already unpacked the sources to some directory (e.g. C:\toluaxx). Run your shell and change directory to C:\toluaxx. Copy your lua headers to include/lua5.1 directory and lua5.1.lib to lib directory. If your MS Visual Studio installation path differs from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8 then open config.win32-msvs.local with your favourite text editor uncomment VSPATH variable (remove '#') and change this string in compliance with your MS Visual Studio installation path.

Run make in your shell. If you received something like this at the end of the build process

Build bin complete....
Build include complete....
Build all complete....

then everything is OK, check bin and lib directories to make sure that build was successful

Known troubles :

  • It is highly recommended to disable unicode support while compilling toluaxx and lua with msvc 8 compiler

If your problem is not listed above try Any questions section

Building with GCC (MINGW)

Minimum requirements

The following tools are required :

  • Basic MINGW installation including GCC, G++, make, binutils, Windows API, MinGW Runtime

All these packages and installation instructions you can find at mingw download page

Building toluaxx

Building toluaxx is rather easy with mingw:
Specify correct path to your lua5.1/src directory in config.win32-mingw.local by setting LUA.I and LUA.L variables. Don't foget to uncomment these variables Run your shell, navigate to the toluaxx directory and run make

Any questions?

Here are some links which will help you to find answers to your questions:

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